1.-The terms and conditions specified are the rules of service to be housed in the hotel and constitute mandatory standards for hotel guests.

2.-All persons staying at the Hotel Palmar del Sol must comply with the following Terms and Conditions and if you need additional information do not hesitate to contact Reception at Extension 0.


1.- The rooms of the Hotel must be used based on the number of nights reserved and the number of people assigned per room.

2.-Check-In Time: From 2 pm Check-Out until 12.00 p. m. The next day.

3.-Clients must inform the Hotel staff immediately, in the event they wish to extend their stay, always before 12.00 p.m. of the departure date. The hotel will attend the request whenever availability permits, duly informing the client that has requested it.

4.-The Hotel reserves the right to refuse the extension of a stay if it deems appropriate.


1.- The client must be duly documenting and must identify himself with his Personal Identification Document or Passport at the time of Check-In. This rule is mandatory for all those over 16 years of age.

2.- The Hotel reserves the Right of Admission based on the internal policy criteria of the Hotel.

3.- In the event that the client leaves the room before of the time established for Check-Out, no refund of the total amount of the stay will be made.


1.- The Hotel offers the services and services according to its category.

2.- The Hotel is obliged to provide your guests complying:

* With the conditions for an appropriate stay without discomfort

* Safe stay, including security and confidentiality in the treatment of personal information of the client.

* Professional service policy according to the category of the Hotel

* In case of deficiencies Techniques outside the will of the Hotel, the Hotel undertakes to manage its solution causing the least inconvenience for the client

3.-The Hotel can offer the following services without additional cost ios extras: Tourist information Free alarm service Securities deposit, as long as its content is declared and signed by the client. Luggage custody.


1.- Children under 12 must be constantly supervised by their parents or legal guardians during your stay at the hotel. Any damage caused by minors in the absence of such supervision, will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of their parents or legal guardians, leaving the hotel exempt from any responsibility.

2.- The clients will be responsible and will have to indemnify the hotel for any damage that will cause the Hotel’s belongings, other clients or other visitors, including damages caused to the image of the Hotel.

3.-In the event that any customer breaches these Terms and Conditions, the Hotel may make use of its legitimate right to no Admission, in which case the client will be obliged to attend the hotel request, pay his account to date and leave the premises. The hotel reserves the right to notify any incident to the competent Police Authorities.


1.-The Hotel is not responsible for all valuables that are not guarded in the Safe Deposit box enabled for this purpose. The Hotel is not responsible for the damages caused to vehicles, including all objects or living things contained therein, regardless of the fact that they are parked in the parking spaces authorized by the Hotel itself. ALL complaints and suggestions must be transmitted to the Reception Personnel, who have the Complaint Sheets for that purpose,

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